The NEW High-Quality COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test Kits are here and available for immediate distribution.

To defeat this pandemic, it is imperative that we know who has the COVID-19 virus, who has had it and since recovered and who has never had it. These tests will show that with a great degree of accuracy.

We know that people who had the virus and have recovered (even those that were asymptomatic) may now have antibodies and these antibodies appear to provide at least some form of immunity. One of the keys to ending the lockdown, preventing future lockdowns) and getting life back to normal is knowing who is contagious and who has antibodies (and possible immunity).

The solution is testing that gives quick and accurate results so we can tell who is contagious and who may be immune. Those who have immunity can go back to life as normal immediately.


The Answer Is Here

VantageRx is a medical supply company in Roseville, California that now has access to the latest COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Fingerstick Test Kits. These are the same tests being discussed on the news that the President and state governors are counting on to reopen the nation’s economy.

Each COVID-19 test kit (which looks and reads similar to a home pregnancy test) uses fingerstick blood drops (simple, fast, and non-intrusive) to determine if the test subject:

    1. Has never had the COVID-19 virus,
    2. Currently has it, or
    3. Has already had it and is now in recovery.

This test does not require mailing to a lab to get results. (The tester reads them in person) and it takes only 10 minutes to provide a result once the blood is extracted and applied to the testing device.

Watch the video for a complete overview:

Consultant Name: Dick Moore Consultant ID#: 12010

Independently Verified

Tests have been validated using clinically positive and negative patient samples.  (Specificity 97.7% to 100%)  Test results for accuracy can be provided upon request (for account holders only).

We currently have one USA manufactured test. All others are manufactured in China and subject to both the Chinese and USA FDAs. All manufacturers are approved by the Chinese FDA and three have received EUA authorization. The others currently hold the USA FDA’s non-EUA status. (Registered and awaiting FDA clearance)

These tests can be used for rapid screening of carriers of the virus that are symptomatic or asymptomatic. Many recent studies show that a high percentage of patients show no clinical symptoms of the virus, thus screening patients is vitally important.

Although the test is ideally suited for hospitals, clinics and test laboratories, they can also be effectively deployed in businesses, schools, airports, train stations, cruise ships or other places where crowds are gathering. Rapid test kits have the potential to become a compelling force in the fight against this global threat.

Watch the video below to see how the test is performed:  

How To Place An Order

The cost per unit starts at $16.50 and they come in boxes of 25 and cases of 100. Orders are first-come, first-serve, and typically ship within 2 days after being ordered via UPS 3-day shipping from Houston, Texas or San Diego, California.

If you are interested in getting these Covid-19 Rapid Test Kits, the first step is to register. There is no cost to do this and this will set up your account. Once registered, you will have your own account ID number and you can quickly place orders online.  Use the Contact Us form below if you have more questions or to request an Account Setup application.  (Application MUST include Consultant Name and ID# to be accepted.)

Consultant Name: Dick Moore          Consultant ID#: 12010 


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NOTE: Tests must be administered by a healthcare professional so a NPI number is required when setting up the account.  For large orders (over 10,000) please register and then contact me for special instructions.

Optional Reporting App (Recommended)

ImageMover is a cutting-edge app to securely capture photographic results & establish a record of the Rapid Antibody Test and immediately send a retrievable report where desired.

See the video here:

For More Information:

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