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We are a marketing company that specializes in high-visibility campaigns for local businesses.  Early in 2020, we saw a need that many of our customers had in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We realized that we were in a unique position to help.

By bringing those in need together with the suppliers that could fill those needs, we gave them the ability to move forward.  This site is the result.  It is a work-in-progress and we will be adding to it or removing from it as the situation dictates.


Antibody Rapid
Test Kit

The new high-quality antibody rapid test kits are now available and ready for distribution to healthcare professionals in the USA. These are simple fingerstick tests that give results with a high degree of accuracy in just 10 minutes. No lab required.

Personal Protection Equipment

Coming Soon

Hand Sanitizer Disinfectants

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Medical Insurance Billing Recovery

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